RAD Bridal Party


Mike • Best Man

Full Name: Michael Sylvester
Relationship to Groom: Best Friend / Ex-Youth Minister
Occupation: Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry Diocese of Saint Augustine
Currently: at Disney World
Nickname: Chocolate Bear
Why He's Here:

Mike was David’s youth minister during David’s senior year in high school, and therefore you can blame Mike for all of David’s faults. After high school, David joined Mike’s Core team and a genuine bromance formed. Together they have a mutual love for God, ping pong, steak, pizza, Mario Bros, youth ministry, Scrubs (the TV show), and puns. It should be no surprise that Mike is here. He is one of David’s best friends and always pushes him towards Christ.

David • Groomsman

Full Name: David Albert Calavitta
Relationship to Groom: Friend / Coworker
Occupation: Director of Marketing Life Teen
Currently: Eating Kale
Nickname: David California
Why He's Here:

As with a lot of modern relationships, David and David met online (…on Twitter, not Tinder. Let’s be clear). Fast forward one year to when they became co-workers at Life Teen and started hanging out in real life. While they were both living in Atlanta, they really relied on each other for community and lunchtime hangs. On top of being one of the best dudes we know, California is one of the strongest prayer warriors and biggest inspirations in David’s life.

Daniel • Groomsman

Full Name: Daniel Glaze
Relationship to Groom: Friend
Occupation: Youth Minister/Dance Superstar
Currently: Bustin' a Move
Nickname: D-Glaze
Why He's Here:

A lot of big things happened last June. David and Rachel met on June 11th, but Daniel beat Rachel to the punch by two whole days and instantly became one of David’s best friends. It was almost like they had inside jokes before they even met each other. Daniel’s life has been on a similar timeline to David’s, especially in his relationship with his fiancée Ana. It has been a huge blessing for David to share these experiences with Daniel. Also, watch out for D-Glaze on the dance floor… apparently, he’s got mad skills.

Matthew • Groomsman

Full Name: Matthew Leininger
Relationship to Groom: Brother
Occupation: U.S. Army
Currently: at Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Nickname: Matt
Why He's Here:

Of all the groomsmen, Matthew holds the honors of having known David the longest… You know, every moment of his life. The two grew up in the same neighborhood… the same house, in fact, because brothers. Matthew’s military career has moved him all over the country, but when the two are able to be in the same city, they’re probably talking trash and playing disc golf, Tropical Smoothies in hand.

Ben • Groomsman

Full Name: Ben Allen
Relationship to Groom: Future Brother-In-Law
Occupation: Worship Leader
Currently: Writing Tunes
Nickname: Brother
Why He's Here:

Ben is probably the only person in this world who was more protective of Rachel than David, which made it a little tough for David to get in with the family in the beginning. But, with Ben, once you’re in, you’re in. And one of the bigger reasons David is pumped to join the family is because Ben is really, really funny, one of the funniest people David has ever met. David is excited to bond with Ben over the Blues, tunes, and foods.

Josh • Usher

Full Name: Joshua Rogers
Relationship to Groom: Mini-Me and Little Brother
Occupation: Student
Currently: Rock Climbing
Nickname: Jersh or Yay-Shoe-Ah
Why He's Here:

David has been involved with E-Team (the diocesan retreat team in SC) for the past 15 years …which means his first DYC conference happened when Josh was 3, and probably running around the backyard naked. Four years ago, Josh showed up to E-Team as a tiny, naïve sophomore and subsequently became David’s little brother. Josh is here because family is made up of much more than just blood, and watching Josh grow up and become a leader in the church has been an absolute blessing in David’s life.

Tim • Usher

Full Name: Claudin
Relationship to Groom: Friend
Occupation: Youth Minister
Currently: Playing Video Games with Teens
Nickname: T-Claw
Why He's Here:

The first time David came to St. Louis, he and Rachel managed a lunchtime double date with Tim and Michelle, and by the end of the date, these guys knew that they were on their way to becoming good friends. Tim was the easiest and fastest-made friend David has in STL. He’s just an all-around good dude, and David is looking forward to getting to spend more time with him in the Lou.


Sr. Truth • (hand)Maid of Honor

Full Name: Sr. Mary Mother of Truth, SSVM (formerly Claire Westermeyer)
Relationship to Bride: Best Friend Since High School
Occupation: Professional Pray-er and Handmaid/Servant of the Lord
Currently: On a Mission from God
Nickname: Sistah Troof
Why She's Here:

Sr. Truth and Rachel met at the very end of their eighth grade year, on the first ever Timothy4 retreat at Incarnate Word. They became great friends as high school sophomores, almost went to college together, and have maintained a long-distance friendship since 2005 through the grace of the Eucharist. Whether or not Sr. Truth is able to travel home for the wedding (and it’s looking like she will be! Keep praying…), she is the (hand)Maid of Honor and the wedding colors come from her habit.

Holly • Matron of Honor

Full Name: Holly Allen
Relationship to Bride: Sister-In-Law
Occupation: Financial Aid at UMSL, Mom
Currently: at Ted Drewes
Nickname: Sister
Why She's Here:

Holly married Rachel’s brother Ben in 2014, finally fulfilling her lifelong dream of having a sister. She also helped make Rachel an aunt (Baby Theodore has arrived! June 6th, 2015). Holly has been all things a sister ought to be – enjoying girls’ nights and shopping excursions, offering a listening ear and comfort during tough times, and by being a cheerleader in good times. Rachel really looks forward to repaying Holly for her all her kindnesses by making her paint the molding in the future Leininger estate.

Michelle • Bridesmaid

Full Name: Michelle Claudin
Relationship to Bride: Friend
Occupation: Adolescent Therapist, Mom
Currently: Getting Connie to eat her vegetables
Nickname: Meesh
Why She's Here:

Michelle and Rachel once had a meaningful conversation on a set of stairs at a Girls’ Retreat, and have been great friends ever since. Michelle will always tell Rachel how it is and let Rachel do the same. She has paved the way for Rachel by modeling what it means to be a wife and a mother. And her glorious type-A organizational skills have saved Rachel’s sanity during this wedding planning process.

Kristina • Bridesmaid

Full Name: Kristina Radley
Relationship to Bride: Friend and Person
Occupation: Youth Minister, Future YouTube Sensation
Currently: Sweating to a hip-hop dance workout routine
Nickname: K-Rad
Why She's Here:

Because there’s a certain kind of crazy that attracts, especially in youth ministry. Kristina and Rachel were set up on a blind friend date by Becky Schmitt in November of 2013. Who knew that a random lunch encounter at Jason’s Deli could turn into so much more? Over the past year and a half, Kristina has become an incredible friend who just gets it. Her love story with her David also has creepy parallels to Rachel’s love story with her David. So there’s that. Good chat.

Molly • Bridesmaid

Full Name: Molly Judd
Relationship to Bride: Former youth group kid, little sister
Occupation: College Grad, starting May 2015; UN Intern Summer 2015
Currently: Reading St. Thomas Aquinas
Nickname: Molls (or Baby Sloth)
Why She's Here:

Molly was a teen in the first class Rachel saw through all four years of high school at Incarnate Word Life Teen. As a college student and summer Core member, Molly and Rachel’s friendship matured and, like a fine wine, keeps getting better with time. Molly is the closest thing Rachel has to a little sister and the two of them have been essential to each other’s life’s ups and downs over the past four years. Rachel is one of Molly’s biggest fans and can’t wait to see how she changes this world for Christ.

Stacy • Bridesmaid

Full Name: Stacy Cretors
Relationship to Bride: Friend and Mentor (let’s be honest)
Occupation: Life Teen Missionary
Currently: Reading Donald Miller and dreaming of Martha’s Vineyard
Nickname: Cretors
Why She's Here:

Stacy and Rachel met in Kansas City through Sr. Truth, the year after Rachel graduated college. Over the years, they’ve stayed friends through various youth ministry events and Rachel was able to visit Stacy in her home on the Vineyard, before Stacy made her home in St. Louis last summer. God will provide. Stacy’s commitment to Christ, stellar prayer life, and gift of just loving people right where they’re at makes Rachel a better person every day. Also, wine. Wine helps, too.


Fr. Brian Fallon

Friend of the couple, and recent convert to Liverpool fandom. Main celebrant and guy in charge of marriage prep (so no pressure… but if for any reason this thing doesn’t work out, we’re looking at you, Fallon).

Fr. Brian Fischer

Formerly the Bride’s boss’s boss; he’s the outgoing director of the Catholic Youth Apostolate and an all-around good guy. In a way, he can take partial credit for this marriage, since he approved Rachel’s trip to CYMC in the first place.

Fr. Chris Seiler

Friend of the bride from high school, a Manchester United fan but we don’t hold that against him. Since he and Rachel grew up together in Incarnate Word youth group, it seems only fitting that he stand on the altar to witness to this RAD day.